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The odds of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop becoming governor

I wonder what the Las Vegas odds will be for Fulop’s becoming Governor of NJ?

The voters handing a mayor of Jersey City the key to the governor’s office is Wittpenn’s folly — as Wittpenn, Fagan, Jordan, Smith and Schundler all can attest. A particularly interesting case is the original — that of Wittpenn. It’s said that Frank Hague actually machiavellied (machiavelli verb, intransitive. Only used in NJ. Can you say machiavelli? I knew you could!) with Wally Edge (not THAT WALLY EDGE! You DID know that was a nom de plume, didn’t you!) to insure the Republican win.

And as far as governors of NJ even having a connection to Jersey City, there’s just three that come to mind: Abbett, Moore and McGreevey. The public saw the intellectual, progressive side of Moore, even though there was the shadow of an association with Hague. Abbett, leader of the Jersey City Masons, and McGreevey, who lived here before his family fled to the suburbs, are often described as the two worst governors of New Jersey.

AND, for having Mayor of Jersey City on your resume as a smart career move, you better give it some thought. To whatever degree it was fun while it lasted, for the lucky few it was worth nothing in the end. For most, it turned out to be a bad idea — a time waster at best if not or a path to a prison cell. The only exception that I can think of is Anthony Cucci. And that’s not because of any substantial benefit accrued, but because he only was running a social club after his military service and before politics.

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Operatic production of Gilligan’s Island to be staged at Liberty State Park is now being planned.

An operatic production of Gilligan’s Island to be staged at Liberty State Park is now being planned. A diamond with many facets, this will be part reality show, part drama, part tragedy, part comedy, and part farce — just like Jersey City is each and every day any which way. This jewel in a week long festival setting will establish Jersey City as the Bayreuth on the Hudson (That’s pronounced “BUYroit,” not “Buyright” or “Beirut” — with all the 99 cent stores and street corner shootouts we’ve already got those last two covered.) and will mean prosperity for all. (For those that need like the Strange Interlude small print, “prosperity for all” boils down to some one percenters in New York raking in the big bucks, union guys from the suburbs doing all right, and last but nearly naught least menial minimum wage jobs dropped on the backs of the locals.)

The part of The Skipper will be offered to Ray Lesniak. Suggestions and applications for the other roles are being accepted.
Raymond Lesniak

NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak

Any and all who wish to participate are encouraged to email